July 15, 2021

How to change the SIM card of the mobile phone


Back up phone contacts

Open the contact information list of the old phone. esimYou can back up your contacts to the sim card before replacing the sim card, but sometimes this is not the easiest way. This kind of teaching method research is very useful for non-smart phone companies, but if it is an artificial intelligence development phone, contacts will usually be synchronized with your Google account or Apple ID.

Open a menu and select "Export" or similar question option.

Choose to export the contacts to the SIM card.

Activate new phone

If it is a new phone, start the installation procedure. To install a new smartphone, you must go through the initial installation process. The SIM card can usually be automatically activated on the new mobile phone during this development process.

For the introduction of android phones, you can search for "how to use android phones" on the Internet.

For instructions on activating iphone in the initial settings, you can search for "activate iphone" on the Internet.

Insert the sim card and wait for the phone to complete the settings. If your mobile phone has been designed in advance, it can be used immediately after inserting the SIM card. plug in the sim card, turn on the power, and then wait for the network to be connected. After connecting to the network, a signal bar will appear in the notification bar area of ​​the phone, and the name of the operator will usually be displayed next to it.

Image titled Use a SIM Card to Switch phones Step 11

If the phone cannot connect to the network, please contact the operator. If the SIM card is still unable to be activated in the new phone, you may have to contact the operator for your own development. Since my country's mobile phone companies do not have a network, you have to use other mobile phones to make calls, or ask the operator to help you activate student mobile phones.

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